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fascinated with life, death & the afterlife..

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"He left a cum stain on my heart."

8 Word Story (via ciastoczekoladowe)


Daehyun Kim 

Be(a)cause of you, 2014

Anonymous Asked:
No problem at all! And THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY COMPLEMENT!!! I kinda do keep tabs and don't like seeing anyone down! I have a pintrest if interested. They have a section where you can send private messages now I believe. So I can add you there for a more private conversations if you would like.I'd make a Tumblr but unforutuanlly my comptuer doesn't like it when I create one! So let me know if you have a pintrest or if this is alright with you that is cool too. :) - Color

My answer:

wahhhh I  don’t have one but ill make sure to make one soon!!! <3


Anonymous Asked:
I just want to say that I finally got around to looking at the Spirit Science video about Sacred Geometry you shared as a suggestion for learning more about the subject and I wanted to let you know that thank you for doing so! Like seriously, it is like I have had an awareness boost and my consciousness has been made a LOT clearer! Most ALL of my questions regarding the Universe and creation have been answered! I am so grateful you share it with me and that I have met you! - Color

My answer:

oh color im so HAPPY you enjoyed the video and feel a sense of awakening. I wish you the best on this journey. Im grateful to have met you as well. There has been  times when I am down and I get on here and I see all these lovely photos and videos you send me and JUST THANK YOU!!! you beautiful being <3 *spirit hug*


Kinda want to play with your hair kinda want to go down on you for 45 minutes